2010 contest Below this point (Hint: they already found it)


1 12/1 8am The Jingle Bell Rock is flat on two sides in the county of Clark is where it resides

2 12/1 1pm You must remember the rock's in plain sight... Finding it will be difficult at night

3 12/1 6pm Fly over the hump and into Pahrump... it's not where you'll find this valuable lump

4 12/2 8am In these states united there are twelve Clark Counties... The one in Nevada holds Jingle Bell bounties

5 12/2 1pm The rock is painted, the desert is not... The colorful side is face down in the lot.

6 12/2 6pm A shovel, a rake, a pick or a hoe... None of these tools will be needed you know

7 12/3 8am This spot is different than the two last year... the rock's hiding place is still very unclear

8 12/3 1pm A view of the strip would surely be nice... removing that structure would come at a price

9 12/3 6pm  If you start at the dam there's no need to swim... stay out of the lake or things will turn grim

10 12/6 8am The dam we call Hoover creates big lake mead... the city you enter is rocky indeed

11 12/6 1pm A nice little town is a city named boulder... if you're searching here now, you couldn't't be colder

12 12/6 6pm 95, 93, or the big 515... from BC head north to accomplish your dream

13 12/7 8am US 95 is one way to get there... Take your own car to avoid the cab fare

14 12/7 1pm A neighborhood which one can forget about... Anthem is a place you don't have to scout

15 12/7 6pm Henderson is next on that big blue horizon... Is this where you'll find that Jingle Bell prize in?

16 12/8 8am Put the hook in and you're fishing for trout... now lake of Las Vegas is surely ruled out

17 12/8 1pm And as you approach the valley called green.. that Jingle Bell rock still ain't on the scene

18 12/8 6pm I-15 south heads straight for the border... if you're on this big freeway, you're out of order

19 12/9 8am If you've planted roots in Sloan or in Gene, then take 15 north in that driving machine

20 12/9 1pm The hills which boarder the valley's south side are rocky and black and not worth the ride

21 12/9 6pm Climb, climb away with little prince charlie... the rock is not here, but the snow boarding's gnarly

22 12/10 8am Mount Charleston you'll see if you look to the west... but where should one start, that's the real test

23 12/10 1pm In the west there's a canyon with stones that are red... if you follow the crow there's a valley that's dead

24 12/10 6pm If you are still in that canyon and you follow the trail... the odds makers say you will probably fail

25 12/13 8am find the rock and be filled with elation... sumerlin is not the rock's location

26 12/13 1pm In the south of the valley there's a diamond that's blue... but Michael E. Minden won't give it to you

27 12/13 6pm I-15 takes you to Mesquite by car... if you end up there, you've gone much too far.

28 12/14 8am Moapa and Glendale are closer you see... but you're still quite a ways away from your holiday glee.

29 12/14 1pm Incredible formations of stone are on fire... but the jingle bell rock won't be sold to a buyer

30 12/14 6pm You don't have to pay the state park one eye-ota (iota?)... your holiday bounty's from findlay toyota

31 12/15 8am The Jingle Bell Rock will soon be brought forth... that wildlife refuge is much too far north

32 12/15 1pm The Las Vegas Valley is where we reside... and this is the place where the rock does now hide

33 12/15 6pm There's no need to climb or swim to the shore... and you don't have to squeeze through a window or door

34 12/16 8am There's a place in our valley that's called Paradise... the rock is not there but it sure would be nice.

35 12/16 1pm Winchester cathedral is the name of a song... but here in this place, the rock does not belong

36 12/16 6pm The rock is not near to KKLZ... don't even bother with UNLV.

37 12/17 8am We all can look up to the Stratosphere tower.... the Jingle Bell Rock will give you the power

38 12/17 1pm The center of town is a great place to start... to learn the location you must do your part.

39 12/17 6pm In one of these cities the rock does now rest... they're all in clark county, and one is the best.

40 12/20 8am This is near a place where kids go to learn... you may not want to make that left hand turn.

41 12/20 1pm You're not gonna want to miss the next clue... the city revealed to me and to you

12/20 5:00 pm The Rock Has Been Found.... details soon.

INTERVIEW: "the (Dave) Kinsel family...how long have you guys been playing our jingle bell rock game? 13 years... so this year is the year I see it right before me, the world famous jingle bell rock. wooo hooo.. 5000 dollars cash, does that come in handy at the holidays? It sure does at a time like this. That is awesome, that of course courtesy of Findlay Toyota and Michael E. Minden Jewelers. Now there's a lot of lovely young ladies in here, why don't you give us the names of all these ladies. I have my wife kim, my mother in law jan, my daughter courtland and my other daughter chelsey. Chelsey are you getting that diamond necklace from Micheal E. Mendin diamond jewelers? cause you were brave enough to go on mic? or is someone else I think that we are all going to share it together the four of us girls. Ok now I've got to ask ya, what is the clue that finally gave it away for you guys? The number clues that talked about the view of the city, about seeing the stratosphere, the power the dam, there are areas we've been to, behind shadow ridge high school you got that dirt lot, and you run into where the view of the strip is blocked but you can see the stratosphere peeking up between the two buildings,.. that's where it was, it was a beautiful clue. For all those playing along with us on the jingle bell rock this year, please once again specifically give us the area where it was found. North Decatur all the way out, there's a bunch of power lines that come together, take a left at thom street (blvd) back behind shadow ridge high school there's a big dirt lot that's unclear, that's right were the rock is. just a few...(unclear) and my daughter courtney and my daughter chelsey and I have been out there and gone over that area so well in the jingle bell chase in the past, that we knew it so well and I went out... courtney was flying in that night from tcu where she was going to school, chelsey was still in school and uh..so I went out and walked a pattern, picked it up and took it home. The fun story is, they deserved to flip the rock just as I did that night, so I wrapped it in a box, and ripped it open, so they could have that same exciting feeling,that's the most terrific fun i've ever had in my life. That is awesome man,so you are the one who actually lifted,turned the rock over and found it, but you also actually let your family have that excitement as well? They deserved it and we felt so at home with it ... so when exactly did you have the rock in hand? about 11:30 12o-clock on Friday. so you've had it that long? even (yeah)yesterday, yeah, we had champagne with it, we took it out for dinner. we went down to the fabulous las vegas sign and uh took pictures uh, it's just been a long long chase. We'd like to thank the sponsors of kklz and kklz this is an awesome promotion, and you listen to the radio and you haven't gone out and done this... do it, it's fun, it's bonding"

Other Interview:

"if you go out north decature, all the way out there's power, there's a big bunch of powerlines that come together, uh you take a left on tom street (blvd) back behind shadow ridge high school, there's a big dirt lot that's unclear, back there there's water basins that come to a dam, the power just a little bit further north is an animal refuge where the new shooting range is.  If you get out in that lot, about halfway out, the view of the strip is blocked by shadow ridge high school, and there's a gap between the buildings that the stratosphere pokes up above. If you walk towards it, that's where the rock was.... just what the clues say."

Jingle Bell Rock