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2011 Jingle bell rock has been found!!!! Listen Here --->JBR Found! (audio)

It's been a great year Jingle Bell Rock fans (don't sit there and pout all day about it... only one guy can find it)
Congratulations to Brian!!!

BIG Thank You to Lola's and Michael E. Minden... We appreciate it. And a BIG Thank You to KKLZ for having the Jingle Bell Rock contest. Seriously, We Love it ... that's why we are here and fired up every year.

JBR found Map

JBR found

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Jingle Bell Rock Monster

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A message from some of our top rock hunters:

From Shupster

"First of all I would like to thank 96.3 KKLZ for having this contest. Also a special thanks to Miz Lolas for throwing up the 10,000.00 and Michael E. Minden for the diamond earings.

Second, how about a great big hand for Brian, the guy who found the rock. What an accomplishment!!! I have no idea if he was looking for three days, two weeks, or the whole time, but he brought it home. Congrats!!!

Third, how about a big shout out to DeCall, the biggest fan and avid rock hunter of us all. He not only owns a business, but works full time there and not to take anything away from KKLZ,  he busts his a** on the JBR web site. This guy is amazing. What a great friend and I will tell everybody you have to meet this guy. He has been very close to finding this rock, he would sleep in his van, welding truck, or some other vehicle I cannot identify at Logandale and go over the map and satellite picture with a high lighter and mark the area he searched. A very determined man to find this prize. He would give his left leg to help anybody  to find this rock. I cannot say enough about this gentlemen. You ROCK!!!

Ok, now my perspective on the JBR 2011: What a great contest!!! Not only do I live for this, half the time I cannot sleep but a few hours a night. This one is one to remember. I thought I was close many of times only to be outdone by the man behind the scene. He was outstanding this year. Last year I have to admit I had no clue where the rock was. I was in Henderson, the Speedway, and Downtown. Only to find out it was in my backyard, a half mile from my house. Duh!!!!!

Ok back to this year. I first started my journey in Henderson again and was there for about a week and finally discovered it wasn't there by the handwritten clue ( A place they call home ). I still don't know why that clue was hand written, but oh well, maybe he was saying get the heck out of Hooterville Dummy!!! Then I realized we were at I-15 and St. Rose and the west side opened up. Rubbing my hands back and forth I was like sweet maybe he hid it in the Northwest again. After days at Lone Mtn. and Far Hills I gave up on those places as there was not enough desert. On Monday I ended up at Calico Basin because I was stuck at 215 and Summerlin Pkwy. and couldn't figure out which way to turn so I went to Charleston to try and find something out there. I discovered the water, water every sign and figured I was totally in the right spot only to be outdone again as many rocks were overturned. I was like this guy is good.

In the back of my mind I was thinking its in the Southwest, because I researched the Creosote Bush and it told me go to the SW. After a couple of days of the Planes clue I knew it was out there somewhere I could not lead myself out far enough to find it. On Wed. night I had figured out many of the clues and was gonna head to Cactus and Quartehorse after I researched the quarters. Boy was I too late on that idea.

Thursday morning had too much work to do and couldn't make it out there only too find out at lunch time it had been found the night before.  Oh well there is always next year!!!!

Again thanks for all the memories and will be looking forward to next year!!



From Rawraw18

"I would like to say thanks to KKLZ 96.3 for putting on the JBR this year again, and Miz Lola's for the $10,000.00 and Michael E. Minden Jewelers for the Diamond Ring. Also I would like to thank DeCall Thomas, for putting up the web site so everyone could have the clues, I know it's hard if you miss a clue or a bonus, I would have been lost if it had not been for DeCall putting up the clues like he did. This was a Unofficial fan web site for the Jingle Bell Rock Contest, listeners that had missed a clue, it would have been hard if you missed a clue and could not get it, so for that my hats off to DeCall for having the site. I did meet him on the hunt this year out in Henderson around the NS collage on a very cold day, but had lots of fun looking for the JBR. Also I met other people looking for the JBR and hope to see them next year. I hope that some year that he finds the JBR and we can all be happy that he did. Also help support the site by checking out the sponsors and his web site. And to everyone on the chat line, it was great talking to everyone, and to all of you that said you had the JBR, well I hope next year you do have it. Thank You very much for the site again this year DeCall, see you next year.

Rollie "

From Vardell

"Congratulations to Brian of Las Vegas who found the jingle bell rock at El capitan and cactus over a mound of dirt.. south west side of Las Vegas.. me and my daughter had a lot of fun looking for it. I was right to think El capitan was the big enchilada in the clues, but I should of stayed the course. Thinking that the sign at Santa fa station enchiladas for 7.99 was the obvious was a mistake. Also the clues about flying should of caught my attention as I listen to my scanner and here traffic control call aircraft CACTUS.. with the clues talking about hills and silver I was sure we would find it at centennial hills parkway where we would see the Santa fa station sign. We had a great time me and my 6 year old daughter. Memories we will always have together we still win.. thanks KKLZ and I would advise anyone to try to find the elusive jingle bell rock with there family and friends it really is a bonding experience. Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!"

****CHAT NOW AVAILABLE**** As you can see CHAT is a huge hit. Helps us share ideas, save a little gasoline, help new people, and let off a little steam.

****Please support Miz Lola's.. go there, hang out, play their machines etc. We want their success year after year, and we want their sponsorship year after year. Also, you may consider joining the gambler bonus club at Miz Lola's (10 - 20 thousand points free .. worth $10-$20 plus more points when you visit other locations)

2011 Clues: (2011 Game over.... next contest November 2012)

1. 11/28 8:10am
South of Idaho, East of Cali, the Jingle Bell Rock is in the valley

2. 11/28 1:10pm
the first to find it will feel really great, you'll find the prized rock within your home state.

3. 11/28 6:10pm
No need to drive into Utah this year, The Jingle Bell Rock is now in the clear.

4. 11/28 Bonus
The Jingle Bell Rock looks like your home plate, Silver and sagebrush Nicknames for this state

5. 11/28 extra Bonus
They fly and they drive To this state it would seem To make their best bet And to live out a dream

6. 11/29 8:10am
The jingle bell rock is flat on two sides, within Nevada is where it resides.

7. 11/29 1:10pm
You'll know when you find it, this rock ain't a runt, there's reading and writing involved in this hunt.

8. 11/29 6:10pm
There's Lincoln and Nye, Eureka and Clark. Choose the right county and you'll make your mark

9. 11/29 Bonus
Creosote Bushes are the main vegetation The thirty-sixth state added to this great nation

10. 11/30 8:10am
Mountains and valleys plus silver and gold, the treasure you hunt is out in the cold

11. 11/30 1:10pm
No need to dig to climb or to swim, the Jingle bell rock is really quite slim

12. 11/30 6:10pm
17 counties contained in this state... search in the one founded 1908

13. 11/30 bonus
You'll pore over maps; The research and data The rock which you seek Here in good ol' Nevada

14. 11/30 extra bonus
This county is found in the southernmost place Don't look further north or you'll lose this big race

15. 12/1 8:10am
Now that you know you must stay in Nevada, Focus your search on the big enchilada.

16. 12/1 1:10pm
Nevada's most populous county tis true, go outside it's borders (and) you'll miss the next clue.

17. 12/1 6:10pm
this county was named for a copper magnate who built a railroad through Nevada the state

18. 12/1 bonus
There's no need to search in Lincoln or Nye, Unless you just wanna go for a ride

19. 12/2 8:10am
stay to the west of the river and lake, go for a swim, you've made a mistake

20. 12/2 1:10pm
if you are in the city of boulder, you should know that you couldn't be colder

21. 12/2 6:10pm
water water everywhere and not a drop to drink, the rock that has you jingling,is closer than you think

22. 12/2 bonus
The rock has been hidden there's no need to move her it's best that you bypass The dam they call Hoover

23. 12/2 extra bonus
You live in a desert But still you find water Head into Miz Lola's At least bet a quarter

24. 12/5 8:10am
Please stand and remove your hat if you will, the anthem you sing is near the wrong hill

25. 12/5 1:10pm
A great place to visit during this holiday, those ethel m chocolates lead you out of the way

26. 12/5 6:10pm
The district is there for shopping and dining. Don't stay here too long, there's no silver lining

27. 12/5 bonus
It's Lake Las Vegas; They say it's man-made cross this off your list to earn a high grade

28. 12/6 8:10am
Old McDonald had a farm that some may call a ranch. Failure sure will find you here these rocks will make you blanche.

29. 12/6 1:10
7 is a lucky number, a gamblers favorite play, among these hills sleep and slumber. No Prize no how no way

30. 12/6 6:10
The Jingle Bell Rock is in a big valley but one that is not green. It has not been placed in a dark lonely alley, soon we will set the scene

31. 12/6 bonus
(A Place to Call Home) is the Motto Today You Wont Find it Here Start Moving Away

32. 12/6 extra bonus
Roses are red The Saints play here too Don't linger here

33. 12/7 8:10am
I-15 runs to the south and north...choose one direction then you'll go forth

34. 12/7 1:10pm
the city is split by this well traveled way, on east side or west, you must make your big play

35. 12/7 6:10pm
Las Vegas the city has very strange borders, so split up this valley in four equal quarters

36. 12/7 bonus
It seems that there is no rock to be found, keep on walking, it's just over that mound.

37. 12/8 8:10am
the highest point you will find in Clark county is on the best side to search for your bounty

38. 12/8 1:10pm
It now must appear that the valley's west side is where you will search for the rock that we hide

39. 12/8 6:10pm
Mary had little lamb and Floyd has a park, If you are searching in this place you've really missed the mark.

40 12/8 bonus
The side which you choose could be east or be west, You must hear each clue to see which is best.

41. 12/8 extra bonus
Start your engine the speedway is near, the Jingle Bell Rock is not here we fear

42. 12/9 8:10am
This parkway runs to summerlin, they travel night and day but when it's time to exit this, the beltway is the way.

43. 12/9 1:10pm
As mountains rise above you now you marvel at this sight. In front of you a turtle head, mt Charleston to the right

44. 12/9 6:10pm
You're getting closer every day it shouldn't be long now, these clues will help you find a way, so turn and take a bow

45. 12/9 bonus
Ann and Craig are names you know, You take them west and east. Travel, travel all day long, Not helping in the least

46. 12/12 8:10am
Blue Diamond is to the left, Mt. Charley to the right, ahead the rocks are red, behind the night is bright.

47. 12/12 1:10pm
The sun always shines on the city nearby, golf courses around, but the hills never lie.

48. 12/12 6:10pm
The mountain rises one way, the street runs on the other. The choice is very difficult, but turn away from mother.

49. 12/12 bonus
It's six of one, Half dozen of the other. Ralph or Louie, You must decide now brother.

50. 12/13 8:10am
Nevada's Senator for more then twenty, it's named after him with flights a plenty

51. 12/13 1:10pm
Our guests fly in with so much glee, and we fly out of concourse c.

52. 12/13 6:10pm
The largest airline in the USA will lead you right where to search today.

53. 12/13 bonus
They fly and fly into the sky But only one should catch your eye.

54. 12/14 8:10am
There once was a young chap named Bruce who wore his big belt like a noose, around it did go, the way it will show, fly south with the cars and the goose

55. 12/14 1:10pm
There once was a lady named jean who used lots of soap to stay clean. she scrubbed and she scrubbed, right down to the nub, and never again was she seen

56. 12/14 6:10pm
There once was a young man named sloan, who liked to stay close to his home, he might ask you in, refuse with a grin, stay here and you'll moan and groan

57. 12/14 bonus
You toss a quarter in the air, That southwest coin will lead you there.

58. 12/15 8:10pm
The mountains still rise to the west, On Rainbow or Wilson don't rest

59. 12/15
You can drive on the beltway all day, But it's best to get off and go play.

a. The Jingle Bell Rock Contest will begin Monday, November 28th, 2011 at approximately 8:00 am and concludes when a contestant finds the Jingle Bell Rock or by Friday, December 23rd, 2011 at 12:00 pm, whichever comes first.
b. To participate in the contest, 96.3 KKLZ listeners will be given clues each weekday as to the location of the Jingle Bell Rock. Clues will be read in the 8:00am, 1:00pm, and 6:00pm hours only. A daily bonus clue will be posted at all five Miz Lola's locations, address listed on www.963kklz.com. 

Jingle Bell Rock Clues

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Here you can see some of the EDGES and the correct shape and size of the rock. This is probably the best clue you can get. The color (on the other side) probably matches Vegas dirt, relatively close to his hand color. They may change it to a different color, you never know. What does it look like on the other side?? We'd all like to know, you'll just have to use your imagination. You can buy one at the hardware store if you are crazy weird out of your mind. Trust me, if you actually set your eyes on this baby, you'll know it. Also, it doesn't look like the rock is in two pieces this time. In years past we have seen two pieces, the big one out there somewhere and the little one to match up. Like a key to a lock

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