the 2012 Jingle Bell Rock has been found!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Gordon McDaniel Gordon McDaniel JBR


Congratulations to Gordon McDaniel who has found the jingle bell rock worth $10,000. Right on. Wooohoo!! Congratulations man, we are happy for you. And who is the lovely lady with you? That's my wife Ann. Ann how are you. Just fine thank you. Thank you for yelling from the back of the room. Alright. First of all where did you find it? Burkholder and Magic Way in Henderson. And what clue led you to that. This combination uh this past week it's been leading us down Boulder Highway. What toped it this afternoon was the clue about beans. I puzzled about it for a while and uh finally came up with Jack and the Bean Stock, magic beans, (oh wow) And just started driving magic way. And were there any other people out in that area looking? There were people out there all over the place, with the closest person was probably a hundred yards away, a lot of people walking off into the deep desert. Burkholder and South Magic Way, is that like a corner, are there corners there? Yeah, it's kind of an intersection, uh one road's paved, Burkholder's paved, and uh Magic Way is dirt road at that section. Just didn't look like it fit in where it was? Yeah, I'm familliar with these particular stones, these pavers, I think I've used something real simillar to this in the past around the house. Well unfortunately we can't let you keep that, uh to use as a paver in your back yard any more but instead we'll give you a ten thousand dollar bounty a grand prize. Way to go! Fair trade. Wooooooo! What are you going to do with all that cash this holiday season? Oh heck I don't know, there's always imporvements around the house, this that and the other thing, so I'm sure we'll put it to good use. I have some ideas for you if you want to chat afterwards. Heh heh heh he ha

Vardell wrote: "Jingle bell rock 2012;
This year was crazy.. I was everywhere with the clues. Up behind the MGM by Audry street, Under the 15 freeway at Tropicana, off Sahara by the monorail, down paradise, behind the stratosphere, downtown on 4th. @ Fremont by the Neonopolis, over by the Neon boneyard, over there by Desert Breeze, and by the Thomas and Mack. We had fun trying to figure out the clues. I found out some interesting things about Las Vegas along the way.. like good ol "Big Jim Cashman" without his heavy equipment this town would probably not be here today. We discovered the old Las Vegas and some of the first casinos on the strip.. the Pair O Dice, El Rancho, and the Frontier.. and people like bankers E. Parry Thomas and Jerome Mack. Of the Thomas and Mack center. I found some streets that had breath taking views of the Las Vegas strip. Hidden from most people.. we had fun and frustration too as the Jingle Bell Rock was nowhere near any of them areas. Only the last clues had lead to the area of Magic way. And burkholder Henderson. So congratulations to: Gordon Mc Daniel who found the Jingle Bell Rock. And won $10,000.00
Thanks to DeCall Thomas for his hard work and time posting the clues.. and 96.3 KKLZ 
Still had fun with my daughter and look forward to next year.. to find the JINGLE BELL ROCK. 
Marry Christmas everyone.."




2012 clues start here

1. 11/26 8:10 a.m.
The bird left the nest and has already flown, the Jingle Bell Rock is no longer near Sloan

2. 11/26 1:10 p.m.
If you think we are rude and we're just being mean, we'll give you a hint, the rock ain't in Jean

3. 11/26 6:10 p.m.
It makes for great fuel on your bar b que's fire, mesquite's too far north, don't search any higher.

4. 11/26 Bonus
The Jingle Bell Rock must not leave the state. If you're searching near Primm you won't find your mate.

5. 11/27 8:10
There are plenty of rocks in the valley of fire, too many to count, so you're stuck in the mire.

6. 11/27 1:10
You've searched high and low, you haven't had luck, the Jingle Bell Rock is not on MT. Chuck

7. 11/27 6:10
You're over the hump on your way to Pahrump, turn around now or you'll live through a slump.

8. 11/27 Bonus
For days upon days you've searched near a tree. The rock is not there in the canyon called Lee.

9. 11/27 Quickie Bonus
Bottoms Up

10. 11/28 8:10
The Jingle Bell Rock is no longer at home, search here in the valley but nowhere near Rome.

11. 11/28 1:00
They fly through the air with the greatest of ease, you may love the circus, but it won't leave you pleased.

12. 11/28 6:00
The jingle bell rock is the treasure you seek, if you search for an island, your boat will spring a leak.

13. 11/28 Bonus
More than two thousand, it's over a ton. You're still too far north, reverse and then run.

14. 11/29 8:10
Hip hip hooray is the phrase which they shout, if you hurry to Harrahs, you will be left out.

15. 11/29 1:10
The city of lights is the nick name for this, if your goal is the tower, you swing and you miss.

16. 11/29 6:10
The compass you hold may now point to the south, you will find the fest, but no smile on your mouth.

17. 11/29 Bonus
Whenever it rains there is always a flood. If you search near the palace your name will be mud.

18. 11/29 Quickie Bonus
Right of Way

19. 11/30 8:10
First of it's kind on the Las Vegas strip, Bugsy's got nothing you want on this trip.

20. 11/30 1:10
Can't see the forest because of the tree, Chop down the palm and there's nothing to see.

21. 11/30 6:10
Nights in the tropics will sure make you hot, search around and here, find the rock you will not.

22. 11/30 Bonus
Big famous stars work and play in this town. The planet you orbit will soon shoot you down.

23. 12/1 Quickie Bonus

24. 12/3 8:10
The Jingle Bell Rock in the city of sin, you won't find it there if you're up near the Wynn.

25. 12/3 1:10
It shoots thru the sky and then up into space, luxurious light but you're still way off base.

26. 12/3 6:10
Open a beer and you're ready to chug it, the Jingle Bell Rock is not near a nugget.

27. 12/3 Bonus
You float on the streets of this elegant place. You look for the rock but you won't find a trace.

28. 12/4 8:10
A thousand feet high, the tallest in town, the rock is not here, so please come back down.

29. 12/4 1:10
The first of it's kind on the Las Vegas strip, you won't find it here, the Riv gives you zip.

30. 12/4 6:10
You live in a desert, but this one is worse. The doors have been closed so you can't fill your purse.

31. 12/4 Bonus
You're dying of thirst as you look all around. It's just a mirage so the rock won't be found.

32. 12/4 Quickie Bonus
Proud Papa

33. 12/5 8:10
Shop till you drop for your loved ones and friends, fashion displayed, but don't follow the trends.

34. 12/5 1:10
Jubilee shows for the past 30 years, searching at Ballys will just lead to tears

35. 12/5 6:10
The H2o dances, the music resounds. No rock at this lake, no rock on these grounds.

36. 12/5 Bonus
The King graced this stage way back in the day. His music lives on; this hotel does not pay

37. 12/6 8:10
Sopranos and tenors hit notes high and low, the Aria ends, the rock will not show.

38. 12/6 1:10
The Prince of Monaco stays and plays here, The Jingle Bell Rock is still in the clear.

39. 12/6 6:10
A city so great you must say it twice, liberty's here, but she won't treat you nice.

40. 12/6 Bonus
It was a real shock when we learned Kramer's name. This ain't his hotel; there's no prize you can claim

41. 12/6 Quickie Bonus
Best laid plans.

42. 12/7 Hot lead
Soccer, picnics, a day in the park. Nothing, nada, the breeze missed the mark.

43. 12/7 8:10
The turrets rise high, must be a castle, you don't draw your sword, it's just a hassle.

44. 12/7 1:10
The breeze off the bay, windows shimmer in gold. Don't spend your time here, you'll be left in the cold.

45. 12/7 6:10
Silver and gold is a nice Christmas song, to lift our prize rock you need not be strong.

46. 12/7 Bonus
The largest casino; M-G-M land. Move away now if you want that ten grand.

47. 12/8 Quickie Bonus
A Dozen Eggs

48. 12/10 8:10
The rockets fly high on the forth of July, the station is red, but the rock's not near by.

49. 12/10 1:10
The ramparts we watch so gallantly gleam, gave proof through the night, no rock for your team.

50. 12/10 6:10
Do you know the way to Santa Fe? No jingle bel rock found on this day.

51. 12/10 Bonus
Sun shining down as you move to the coast. Keep searching here and you soon will be Toast.

52. 12/11 8:10
In 2016 they run for the gold, the carnival here leaves you out in the cold.

53. 12/11 1:10
Popcorn and Milk Duds, you sit in the dark. First to screen flix, but there's no need to park.

54. 12/11 6:10
The train that pulls into the first Vegas station, will just keep on rolling past this rockless nation.

55. 12/11 Bonus
In the "Big Easy" the party goes on. Wranglers skate here but no prize to be won.

56. 12/12/12 8:10
You're brushing your teeth with colgate or crest. Mountains surround you, no rock meets the test.

57. 12/12 1:10
No pals, friends, or chums for this lonely boy. This mountainous park will not bring you joy.

58. 12/12 6:10
Kings, queens, and princes might soon picnic here. No rock in this park will give you good cheer.

59. 12/12 Bonus
In like a lion and out like a lamb. Search in this park and you'll be in a jam.

60. 12/13 8:10
Washington, Franklin, Revere and the rest. Patriots all, but no rock in this nest.

61. 12/13 1:10
Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. Searching here is useless, no rock, no prize, no rings.

62. 12/13 6:10
A soccer ball named Wilson was his only friend. Betty is a good girl, no rock at either end.

63. 12/13 Bonus
For a hundred years they've lived in these hills. Don't search in this park ten thousand bills.

64. 12/14 6:50 Hot Lead
The engines roar and the crowd does too. Stay away from your favorite pit crew.

65. 12/14 8:10
Our neighbors to the west feel free to visit now. Searching here ain't worth it, the sweat upon your brow.

66. 12/14 1:10
A pot of gold at one time but now a letter stands. Even though you search here you, you'll leave with empty hands.

67. 12/14 6:10
You go into the cellar, have a glass of wine. Four upon the throne here, and no rock below this sign.

68. 12/14 Bonus
Bob Seger sang about it, a street in every town, don't pull into this station, no rock, no prize no crown.

69. 12/17 8:10
Boulder is a city, a station, and a dam. Stay between the boulders to hit a big grand slam.

70. 12/17 1:10
Vegies, fruit and soda, even tuna in a can. The newer one is closer to the land you want to scan.

71. 12/17 6:10
Ten Thousand bucks, a lot of bread into your pockets cram. Keep moving to the south, you're passing uncle sam.

72. 12/17 Bonus
Cruise along this highway driving on the right. Choose the side you play on and find the rock, you might.

73. 12/18 8:10
St. Louis is the team for whom he fought and won. He pitched his big idea, they did not score a run.

74. 12/18 1:10
The big hand is on the 3 and the little hand is on the 5. Keep on looking to the east of this big valley drive.

75. 12/18 6:10
Works of art never seen, as you leave this lot. Setting sun behind, you now go towards the spot.

76. 12/18 Bonus
Holidays and tasty treats you put into your mouth. Please pass the bowl of silver and keep on moving south.

77. 12/19 8:10
The water is warm when it comes from a spring. So keep heading south so you don't miss a thing.

78. 12/19 1:10
The roses are red and the vilolets are blue. Search east of the beans and your path will be true.

79. 12/19 Bonus
A day at the lake is always real nice. Now head to the east and don't roll the dice.