Vardell has Found the 2013 Jingle Bell Rock!!!!!

Vardell JBR

Anouncement: We are quite sure that Vardell (with Ariel on left) have found the 2013 Jingle Bell Rock! Congratulations Guys!!!!!!!
(Note: Verdell and Ariel are great guys and were cool enough invite me over to see and hold the JBR! This couldn't have happened to a better family! Doesn't it make you feel great to see them win? KKLZ of course will not be open till Monday Dec 2nd. So officially the contest will not be over till they get there in person with the rock. Let there be no question that it has been found... so save your gas.)
(Note2: KKLZ started this contest early, 10 days early... so no one should be surprised that we have it found before Thanksgiving! My offer still stands to give $2000 toward a 2nd 2013 JBR contest. I love this game just like all of you. So lets make this a TRUE "Jingle Bell Rock" and do it again December 2013)
(Note3: we are still expecting clues Friday puzzle piece and perhaps Monday 8:10 & Bonus... Crazy Huh?? If I get my hands on those, I will post them here, so the nerds can chew on them)
(Note4: Thanks for making my holidays great!!! All the Best. Love all you guys and Lolas and KKLZ!!! DeCall)

NEW INFO: Be listening to KKLZ Radio 96.3 Monday 8:10am or later to hear Vardell's story Live.
WRITERS WANTED: If you would like to talk about this year's hunting, thank KKLZ and Lola's, gripe a little if done tactfully, then send your words to

2013 Clues

1. 11/18 8:10am North and South and East and West, you soon will know which one's the best.
2. 11/18 1:10pm Find the rock and win 10 grand, no need to dig into that sand.
3. 11/18 6:10pm The rock is here in county clark, It's tough to find it when it is dark.
4. 11/18 6:30pm Bonus Crossing a border just doesn't matter, The Jingle Bell Rock is in Southern Nevada.
5. 11/18 6:30pm Puzzle Piece #1 JBR Puzzle Piece #1
6. 11/19 8:10am Everyone knows to the south you'll find Jean, but that's not the place that the rock will be seen.
7. 11/19 1:10pm If you try to search in that town they call sloan, you'll miss the mark and your cover is blown.
8. 11/19 6:10pm There's no need to travel up over the hump, the jingle bell rock is not in Pahrump.
9. 11/19 Bonus: Could Primm be the place the rock calls its home? The answer is "No," so go elsewhere to roam.
10. 11/20 8:10am No need to search on the shores of Lake Mead, finding this rock is dificult indeed.
11. 11/20 1:10pm Laughlin is fun for a quick weekend trip, you won't find the rock near that little strip.
12. 11/20 6:10pm Bring something bright if you're searching at night, the rock can't be seen in or near searchlight.
13. 11/20 Bonus: All the guys know that Miz Lola's petite, But the Jingle Bell Rock is not in Mesquite.
14. 11/20 6:30pm Puzzle Piece #2 JBR Puzzle Piece #1
15. 11/21 8:10am A town to the west were the springs are so good, the jingle bell rock won't be found in that hood.
16. 11/21 1:10pm Further West where the valley is sandy, the rock is not there but it would be dandy.
17. 11/21 6:10pm The county fair and the big rodeo, Logandale's great, but you should not go.
18. 11/21 Bonus: You hunt and you search for valuable things. The rock can't be found in Indian Springs.
19. 11/22 8:10am You climb and you climb, it must be a mile, you won't find the rock in the canyon called Kyle.
20. 11/22 1:10pm Snowboarding and skiing this place is great, Lee Canyon is wrong, don't take the bait.
21. 11/22 6:10pm Hop on that hog and ride on that Harley. The Jingle bell rock is not on Mt. Charley.
22. 11 /22 Bonus: The Jingle Bell Rock weighs under a ton. Lift with your legs; just not in Overton.
23. 11/22 6:30 Puzzle Piece #3
24. 11/25 8:10am In like a lion and out like a lamb. If you're hunting with floyd you're now in a jam.
25. 11/25 1:10pm Winter Sumer Autumn Spring, a mountainous park is not the right thing.
26. 11/25 6:10pm Darkness arrives as the sun slowly sets, there's nothing here that will pay off your debts.
27. 11/25 Bonus: Amazing sights in the Valley of Fire. The Jingle Bell Rock is not in that shire.
28. 11/25 6:30 Puzzle Piece #4JBR Puzzle Piece #4
29. 11/26 8:10am The heat in the desert brings some to thier knees, finding this rock is never a breeze.
30. 11/26 1:10pm You learn so much stuff on Discovery Channel, Aliante you see, is not on our panel.
31. 11/26 6:10pm 4 times 3 and he chopped down a tree, our nations father is not named lorenzi.
32. 11/26 Bonus: The Jingle Bell Rock can't be found on Craig's List. The ranchers in this park are lost in the mist.
33. 11/27 8:10am A family hides down deep in the bunker, the Jingle Bell Rock is not in this clunker.
34: 11/27 1:10pm The trail leads you here like an old pioneer. To find our pet rock, don't park anywhere near.
35. 11/27 6:10pm The natives here lived in structures like these, pueblos are cool, stay away if you please.
36. 11/27 Bonus: The waves roll in on Hawaiian Shores. Natives greet you from behind the doors.
37. 11/27 Puzzle Piece #5 JBR Puzzle Piece #5
38. 11/29 Puzzle Piece #6 JBR Puzzle Piece #6
39. 12/2 8:10am When it rains and it pours, and the skies get so dark. Tie it up in a bow, stay away from this park!
40. 12/2 Bonus: All-American athletes; the best of the best. Stay away from the park so you pass this test.
41. 12/2 Puzzle Piece #7