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Jingle Bell Rock Contest - 2015

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Yes, Pawn Plaza is the sponsor this year. Pawn plaza was recently opened (Oct 2015) by the world famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop aka "Pawn Stars". Pawn Plaza is just a very short walk south of G&S Pawn. 725 South Las Vegas Blvd.  Google Map  Many thanks to 96.3 KKLZ and Pawn Plaza for the Jingle Bell Rock Contest 2015

From Ian @Mallcrawler(Dec. 20, 2015):

JBR found 2015!!!!
Ian's Story: "Found It"
This is my 3rd year searching for the rock. The last 2 years I was searching on the complete opposite end of the valley from where it had be found. Not this year, I figured it would be south somewhere since it had be north 2 years in a row. I started my search off sunset/post area as the clues seemed to do with writing. I had then moved toward Sloan and jean, and had spent 2 weeks looking around out there. I had pretty much given up once the boulder highway clues were announced, but with the last picture clue yesterday (blue diamond) I figured it was time to start looking again. I grew up in the area so once the I put the clues together it had made sense. I knew off blue diamond and hualaipai was a power line road that ran along a water retention basin. Along the power line road was a row of boulders (row row row your boulder) And a line of square concrete blocks chained together (chain gang, these rocks don't roll). I went out Saturday night and searched for a bit in the dark. I found a few mattresses and knew I had to be getting close. I put a rock in the road to mark how far I had searched so I could pick up in the same spot the next morning. Turns out the rock was about 50 feet further from where I had stopped Saturday night.
JBR found 2015!!!! JBR found 2015!!!! JBR found 2015!!!! JBR found 2015!!!! JBR found 2015!!!!

Ian and Megan at kklz studio
Live interview December 21, 2015 at 4:45 pm (With Larry Martino)
Larry: The World Famous Jingle Bell Rock has been found! Congratulations to Ian and his wife Megan. Ten thousand dollar reward, all yours from Pawn Plaza and 96.3 KKLZ. What are you going to do with all that cash this holiday season?
Ian: Pay off some bills
Larry: Well man I know that feeling buddy well Good. Glad we were able to help you do that at least. So, uhh, do you play Jingle Bell Rock year after year or is the first time you've played?
Ian: Uhhh this is my 3rd year playing
Larry: 3rd year playing, Ok and have you gotten close in previous years?
Ian: Nope, I've gone to the opposite side of the valley every time.
Larry: Okay, so this year... a lot of people, as always, complaining that these clues made absoulutly no sense. Did they make a little bit of sense to you this year?
Ian: Um, I was way off in the beginning, but once I got the right area, and everything clicked, and everything was right there.
Larry: Was there a clue that really helped you narrow it down, the area where it might be?
Ian: Uum, the "Row of row, row your boulder" and "the chain gang". this is a, this area all made sense.
Larry: So, so what was near there that made those clues make sense.
Ian: Um, down the road, there was a whole row of boulders which the rock was behind, and next to that there was square blocks that were all chained together.
Larry: Very cool, so now, nobody knows exactly where it was found except for you and the person who hid it so, uhh, where exactly was this year's Jingle Bell Rock found?
Ian: Uhhh, just south of Blue Diamond off of Hualapai, there's a powerline road. Take that out just about a hundred yards or so, and it was right there.
Larry: And, was it behind anything, under.. it, was it hidden in plain sight?
Ian: It was behind a bunch of rocks.
Larry: Okay, but it was in plain sight?
Ian: Yup.
Larry: You didn't have to do any digging?
Ian: Nope.
Larry: Alrightie.. and uhh, you know, there was a lot of clues about, uh you know, pens and calendars... Did all that make sense?
Ian: Yeah once you find the rock, .heh heh,
Larry: So was there stuff near there or what?
Ian: There was uhh, there was stuff around the rock and underneath it
Larry: Okay
Ian: But uhh, yeah, there was a mattress right across the road
Larry: Oh, oh, the godfather clues
Ian: Yeah...
Larry: heh heh heh hah
Ian: There were a bunch of fish tanks that were broken
Larry: No kiddin, well that's cool. So once again, that's in the South West part of town?
Ian: Yup.
Larry: Kinda west of mountain sage, would you say?
Ian: Yes.
Larry: Okay, and once again it's on... is that power line road. Is that what that's called?
Ian: uh, it's just like a, it's just a...
Larry: or Hualapai
Ian: It's Hualapai
Larry: It's Hualapai, just south of Blue Diamond Road. Ten thousand dollar grand prize, and uh, did you have any help this year.
Ian: Um, I had some friends out looking with me, but when we found it, it was just me and the wife.
Larry: That's cool, what did that feel like, of course that feeling when you finally see it?
Ian: Huge amount of relief...
Larry: heh heh heh hah
Ian: It eats at me every, every year until I, it's, it's either found or I find it.
Larry: It does drive people crazy, I gotta say, people say I'm never gonna play this game again and then the following year, all right, I'm going to try it again,
Ian: Exactly
Larry: Well congratulations to you guys. Man, I hope you have a very merry christmas and a happy new year. So happy you were able to find the Jingle Bell Rock. Thanks for coming in, and uh, enjoy all that cash this season.
Ian: Thank you

Clues Go Here:

Look Here

- You will not see the bonus clue till end of the day out of respect for the sponsor
- Please send any changes to wording, spelling, capitalization, or punctuation.

Nov. 30 1. 8:10 am: In a prone position
2. Daily Written Clue: Deal the cards face down
3. 1:10 pm: Paint on paper
4. Puzzle Piece #1:
5. 6:10 pm: Friendly surroundings
Dec. 1st 6. 8:10 am: Get your tetanus shot
7. Daily Written Clue: Steel-Belted tire
8. 1:40 pm: It has seen better days
9. 6:15 pm: Circle gets the square
Dec. 2nd 10. 8:10 am: The pen is mightier than the sword
11. Daily Written Clue: The ink is not dry yet
12. 1:40 pm: The Bic click
13. 2:00 pm Channel 13 Bonus Clue: Lay some rubber(Dec. 4)
14. 6:10 pm:The rock is write here
Dec. 3rd 15. 8:10 am: Paper or plastic?
16. Daily Written Clue: Dispose of properly
17. 1:40 pm: Handle with care
18. Puzzle Piece #2:
19. 6:10 pm: Let's spoon
Dec. 4th 20. 8:10 am: Juice for breakfast
21. Daily Written Clue: Orange County
22. 1:40 pm: Breakfast nook
23. 6:10 pm: Between a rock and a hard place
Dec. 7th 24. 8:10 am: Save the date
25. Daily Written Clue: 12 days of Christmas
26. 1:40 pm: Oh, what a night
27. 6:10 pm: Lucky number seven
Dec. 8th 28. 8:10 am: Unlucky thirteen
29. Daily Written Clue: Improve your ground game
30. 1:40 pm: No sooner, no ladder
31. 6:10 pm: Watch your step
Dec. 9th 32. 8:10 am: Get vocal
33. Daily Written Clue: Sing for your supper
34. 1:40 pm: Live in harmony
35. 6:10 pm: America’s Got Talent
Dec. 10th 36. 8:10 am: Upside-down
37. Daily Written Clue: 5 Sweaters
38. 1:40 pm: Christmas couture
39. Puzzle Piece #3:
40. 6:10 pm: This CD earns no interest
Dec. 11th 41. 8:10 am: The weakest link
42. Daily Written Clue: Back on the chain gang
43. 1:40 pm: Building blocks
44. 6:10 pm: These rocks don't roll
Dec. 14th 45. 8:10 am: boulder highway
46. Daily Written Clue: Don't fence me in
47. 1:40 pm: stationary boulder
48. 6:10 pm: Row, row, row your boulder
Dec. 15th 49. 8:10 am: Go to the mattresses
50. Daily Written Clue: Keep your friends close. Keep the boulder closer
51. 1:40 pm: The Jingle Bell Rock sleeps near the fishes
52. 6:10 pm: Leave the car. Take the rock.
Dec. 16th 53. 8:10 am: Don't fight the power
54. Daily Written Clue: Right down the line
55. 1:40 pm: He was a lineman for the county
56. 6:10 pm: Power to the people
Dec. 17th 57. 8:10 am: Pound the gravel
58. Daily Written Clue: A cloud of dust
59. 1:40 pm: Down and dirty
60. 6:10 pm: Take me home, country roads
Dec. 18th 61. 8:10 am: Dallas Headquarters
62. Daily Written Clue: Love Field
63. 1:40 pm: Just plain smart
64. 6:10 pm: You're free to move about the county
**** the rock was found 12/20/2015 9:00 am by Ian ****
Dec. 21st 65. 8:10 am: Razor Burn
66. Daily Written Clue: On the border
67. 1:40 pm: Mountain do
Puzzle Piece #1
Traffic Cone
Puzzle Piece #2
Elks USA
Puzzle Piece #3
sun puzzle piece 3
Puzzle Piece #4
Oxford University Logo
Puzzle Piece #5
Almonds puzzle piece 5

2015 Puzzle Pieces Announced

Here is the list of locations for contestants to collect all five (5) pieces of the Jingle Bell Rock Puzzle:

Piece #1: (Event Over) Monday Nov. 30, 5:30pm - 6:30pm: Gadda Di Pizza inside Pawn Plaza
Piece #2: (Event Over) Thursday Dec. 3, 6pm - 7pm: Pawn Doughnut & Coffee inside Pawn Plaza
Piece #3: (Event Over) Thursday Dec. 10, 6pm - 7pm: Rita’s Italian Ice inside Pawn Plaza
Piece #4: (Event Over) Thursday Dec. 17, 6pm - 7pm: Vegas Flip Flops inside Pawn Plaza
Piece #5: (Event Over) Saturday Dec 19 12:00 - 1 pm: Vow Renewals and Weddings by VegasWeddings.com inside Pawn Plaza

Good luck, and we hope YOU win the $10,000 Grand Prize!

This is what it looks like when you find it... it is possible they painted the back since we last saw it

JBR locations by year

Here is a map of the hiding spots over the years
Where the Jinglebell Rock was found in the Las Vegas area by year