JBR 2019 The Rock Has Been Found!!!!

The world famous 96.3 KKLZ Jingle Bell Rock 2019 (found)

The Jingle Bell Rock found December 20th, about 1pm.

KKLZ Page announcement

hear the audio (begining is poor quality, but gets better)
this has more INFORMATION than the KKLZ one

Found2019 mapJBR PrincessJBR Princess


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JBR Kidnapped?!?

Audio 1

96.3 KKLZ and the Silverton Casino Hotel have issued a $10,000 reward for the return of Mike & Carla's world famous Jingle Bell Rock. The ROCKNAPPER sent us this recording:
(Creepy Voice)
"We will hide the Jingle Bell Rock on Friday December 13th. We will give you varied clues each weekday on 96.3 KKLZ. You will also find a written clue posted at the Silverton Rewards Club each weekday. That is all for now."

Audio 2

96.3 KKLZ and the Silverton Casino Hotel are still offering a $10,000 reward for the return of Mike & Carla's world famous Jingle Bell Rock. The ROCKNAPPERS have contacted us again:
(Creepy Voice)
"The Jingle Bell Rock has not been harmed. You can begin searching for it on Friday, December 13th. Do not contact the police. Keep track of the clues running each weekday on 96.3 KKLZ and at the Silverton Reward Club. That is all for now."
Audio 3

96.3 KKLZ and the Silverton Casino Hotel are still offering a $10,000 reward for the return of Mike & Carla's world famous Jingle Bell Rock. Here is the latest from the ROCKNAPPERS:
(Creepy Voice)
"We are no longer in posession of the Jingle Bell Rock, but we are the only ones who know where it is hidden. Do not contact the authorities. Your only chance of finding the rock are to gather all the clues revealed each weekday on 96.3 KKLZ and at the Silverton's Rewards Club. That is all for now."

*** Attention: These are "Unofficial" cartoons by DeCall and ARE NOT CLUES ***
(just for fun, so don't be weird about it Jingle Nuts)

Newbies start HERE
Like I was saying, the RULES tell us that the CLUES START DECEMBER 2ND (details below), the radio clues are 8am, 1pm, and 6pm (more like, 8:10 etc. and only on weekdays), and the daily bonus clues are at the Silverton. Normally we can expect the bonus clue to be available around 8 or 9 a.m. at the Silverton rewards club. All 5 PUZZLE PIECES have been announced.(details below), AND "You can start looking for the 'JBR' on Friday, December 13th ."
Anyone could guess that the station probably doesn't want to meet a bunch of searchers when the rock arrives (after last year's near debacle), so as Mike O'Brien told us at the kickoff party, there is definitely some kind of twist to the contest this year. We don't know what this "TWIST" will be, but we can't wait to find out. Hopefully kklz learned not to take a picture of the search area... too many crazed Jingle Nuts playing this game, and just the kind of challenge we love. Good Luck JBR hunters 2019.

Picture Clues Announced

*** Thursday, December 19th from 6:00pm-7:00pm *** (next event)
Silverton Casino Hotel (Shady Grove Lounge)
Google Maps (Silverton Casino)
Indoor Map (Shady Grove Lounge)


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Clues 2019

- You will not see the bonus clue till end of the day out of respect for the sponsor
- Please send any changes to wording, spelling, capitalization, or punctuation. (

Dec. 2 1. 8:00 am: First things first
2. 1:00 pm: It's what's in front, not behind
3. Bonus Clue: Let's start this adventure at the top
4. 6:00 pm: Keep your eyes open
Dec. 3 5. 8:00 am: Go up and down, but stay the course
6. 1:00 pm: It's never where you want it.
7. Bonus Clue: Share the love but don't make a stop
8. 6:00 pm: Follow your own footsteps
Dec. 4 9. 8:00 am: Think twice before you look
10. 1:00 pm: Never go straight, always move forward
11. Bonus Clue: From the basin to the summit
12. 6:00 pm: Be willing to look ahead
Dec. 5 13. 8:00 am: Let go the past, embrace the now
14. 1:00 pm: It might be closer than you think
15. Bonus Clue: Stay The Course As You Near The Track
16. 6:00 pm: Let your fingers do the walking
Dec. 6 17. 8:00 am: What you see, is not where it's at
18. 1:00 pm: Be aware of what others miss
19. Bonus Clue: On the way, control your speed
20. 6:00 pm: Walk, don't run
Dec. 9 21. 8:00 am: Make sure you keep a list
22. 1:00 pm: It's good to have friends
23. Bonus Clue: Got Milk?
24. 6:00 pm: Stay a step ahead
Dec. 10 25. 8:00 am: Just when you think it is, it's not
26. 1:00 pm: Look both ways... again
27. Bonus Clue: Stay the course as you pass the Force
28. 6:00 pm: You can always catch up
Dec. 11 29. 8:00 am: What goes one way goes another
30. 1:00 pm: Two steps forward, about face
31. Bonus Clue: Pass the Base and you're still on the case
32. 6:00 pm: A hop, skip, and look away
Dec. 12 33. 8:00 am: Don't be afraid to look both ways
34. 1:00 pm: It's not a marathon, it's an adventure
35. Bonus Clue: You'll pass three nuggets on your trip
36. 6:00 pm: Not this way go that way
Dec. 13 37. 8:00 am: Be ready to change direction, not your mind
38. 1:00 pm: Be a leader, not a follower
39. Bonus Clue: No pasta for you; keep on truckin' through
40. 6:00 pm: Go quickly, but slow down.
Dec. 16 41. 8:00 am: You might want to sleep on it
42. 1:00 pm: Like time through an hour glass
43. Bonus Clue: Less than 15 on the 15
44. 6:00 pm: What faces North is East West
Dec. 17 45. 8:00 am: This church is not afraid
46. 1:00 pm: Tom Hanks made a wish
47. Bonus Clue: Spring towards your next exit
48. 6:00 pm: This many would be a bunch
Dec. 18 49. 8:00 am: What you seek is here
50. 1:00 pm: A helping hand is near
51. Bonus Clue: Go west young man
52. 6:00 pm: Drop the royal weight
Dec. 19 53. 8:00 am: Hook, line, and sinker
54. 1:00 pm: This school will help you
55. Bonus Clue: Do you know sign language?
56. 6:00 pm: Tanks Alot
Dec. 20 57. 8:00 am: The sign you face is the key
58. 1:00 pm: Anyone for flapjacks?
59. Bonus Clue: Set your "Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring" to K-1
60. 6:00 pm:

completed event

Puzzle Clue #1 of 5

picture clue 1

"TWO plus
2 = ??"
Tuesday, December 3rd from 6:00pm-7:00pm- JBR Clue at Silverton
(event completed)

Completed Event

Puzzle Clue #2 of 5

picture clue 2

"Eakin's #
minus 1 = ?"
Thursday, December 5th from 6:00pm-7:00pm- JBR Clue at Silverton


Puzzle Clue #3 of 5

picture clue 2

Tuesday, December 10th from 6:00pm-7:00pm- JBR Clue at Silverton

event completed

Puzzle Clue #4 of 5 (next event)

Picture Clue 4

(This is the Gift Exchange Party too)

White Elephant

Completed Event

Puzzle Clue #5 of 5

Picture Clue 4

KKLZ will also hand out “Picture Clues” to help you locate the JBR:
Thursday, December 19th from 6:00pm-7:00pm- JBR Clue at Silverton

Google Maps (Silverton Casino)
Indoor Map (Shady Grove Lounge)

completed event

JBR 2019 Kickoff Party

Yup, it's over.. hope you didn't miss it.

Jingle Bell Rock Pre-Viewing Party

96-3 KKLZ is getting ready to hide Mike & Carla’s world-famous
Jingle Bell Rock, but before we do, you’re invited to the

Sixth Annual “Jingle Bell Rock Preview Party!”

Thursday, November 21st from 5PM - 7PM,
inside Shady Grove Lounge, at Silverton Casino Hotel, 3333 Blue Diamond Rd!

Ladies drink free!
All adults get a free Tito’s Handmade Vodka libation!
There will be free appetizers, and you’ll have the chance to win free tickets to see Maroon 5 in concert!

See the actual Jingle Bell Rock, touch it, hold it, have your picture taken with it, be one with “The Rock,”
before it’s hidden away in the dark, desert night
For complete details click HERE (rules 2019).

JBR Kickoff collage
sad news

RIP Yvonne and Frank

RIP Yvonne. Sorry to say we lost one of our searchers this year. Yvonne was a tough and determined searcher for many years. I also saw her do many acts of service for others. She was funny of course, and demanding and strong willed too. Even more heartbreaking, her husband Frank also died a few weeks later after a short battle with cancer. Frank was a valued friend of mine. Nicest guy for sure. We'll miss you Frank and Yvonne.

RIP YvonneYvonne and DeCall
RIP FrankFrank and Stephen

Here is a map of the hiding spots over the years
Where the Jinglebell Rock was found in the Las Vegas area by year