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The Rock has been FOUND !!!!

2020 Jingle Bell Rock Contest

niceguy76 is the winner of the 2020 Jingle bell rock contst

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Mike O’Brian, Christopher Blake, Eric Slabaugh (Group VP of Meineke), Jeremy Jensen, Carla Rea

From KKLZ site:

96.3 KKLZ and Meineke Car Care Centers congratulate CHRIS BLAKE and his friend JEREMY JENSEN on finding Mike & Carla’s World Famous “Jingle Bell Rock” and the winner of $10,000.00!

Chris and his friend found the “Jingle Bell Rock” in Boulder City off Buchanan Blvd. on a frontage row just past an Interstate 11 overpass on the side of the road.

To find out how Chris and his friend located the world-famous “Jingle Bell Rock”, listen to Chris tell The Mike & Carla Morning Show just how it all came together…

96.3 KKLZ would like to thank Meineke Car Care Centers for being this year’s sponsor and to all the listeners who took part in the contest. We truly hope you enjoyed the hunt, good luck next year and Happy Holidays from all of us here at 96.3 KKLZ!

My Story from Chris Blake:

Well I had one hell of a ride this year in the search for the JBR 2020. So lets get into my thoughts and begin my journey.

After the 1st few days of clues, I could see the bonus clues were eliminating areas of town. They started in the south along I-15 and worked its way up north into the city. So i knew not to follow the path of these clues but to rather avoid this path. Yes i paid attention to them but only to avoid the path they were leading to each day.  As fast as those clues were moving each day, I was able to see they were eliminating areas of town.  I say “eliminating” because the clues were always about “don’t go here”....   and if you truly did follow these bonus clues to the end, you would see that they ended up at a business called BOULDER PLACEMENT, which is where Summerlin parkway turns into 95 and is located near Rancho Drive.   And the point of this was to tell you that you’re at the wrong “BOULDER”.   Because, again, these were eliminating clues from the get go.  It should have rang a bell in your head that you're at the wrong Boulder. Boulder City was the correct place. 

On December 4, the rock was dropped.  The Bonus Clues now started turning into clues that would lead you to the rock since it was dropped now.  Which is why The next bonus clue said, “now your heading in the right direction.” Before, they eliminated areas, but now they are taking you there even though it’s a long way around.

So I started focusing on the other clues. I knew from years past, the clue writer likes to give many clues that are around the ROCK location. There was one clue that stood out like a sore thumb and it was on the 2nd day. Clue #12 was my first “AH HAH” moment. Yes it was super early on but it made too much sense. As an experienced JBR hunter for the past 20yrs, i knew the rock was never hidden in Boulder City, NV. When i read Clue #12, “it cant be where it never was”, it instantly targeted Boulder City to me. Because this clue was saying “it was never here before, but now it is here.” So BC area was my target since Day 2. So now the question was will more clues target this area for me. This was a good thing for ME since i am in BC every month golfing and i have multiple friends who have lived there for years. I know this area very well.

As more clues were revealed, I could see the Bonus clues started eliminating the West side of town and also North. The Bonus clues were pretty obvious so i definitely knew to avoid these areas because clues leading to the actual rock are supposed to be deciphered and not so obvious. It is for $10,000, so it needs to be hard.

So other clues before the Rock was dropped that still pointed me to BC were clues 17, 21 and 59. “The missing piece is always the most important”....well Boulder City has always been the missing piece from hiding the rock. It has never been there. And then the clue “this rock does not roll”...that would also be “Boulder” City. Rock = Boulder. Clue #59 “put your shoe on the other foot” means opposite and i took that as opposite side of town from where the rock was hidden last year. So from northwest to southeast....

So now my area of town was pinned down. So now I had to start figuring out where in BC will the rock be. Well, because i know the area, i started seeing many clues pointing to skydiving. And as i stated above, i know the clue giver gives many clues that are around the Rock. So some of the clues related to the skydiving were “throw caution to the wind” (no skydiving in high winds), “its about team work” (instructor jumps with you), “think before you take the first step” (the initial jump out of plane makes you think), “its the right time, its you time” (gotta pump yourself up to go through with it once your in the sky), “Relax. Breathe. And Look again” (very nerve wracking as the moment arrives to actually jump), “Don’t be afraid of your own shadow” (when your in the sky high above as you fall with the parachute open, the shadow is huge. But the shadow minimizes in size as you get closer to the ground). “No need to hit the panics button yet” was about enjoying the free fall ( enjoy the mission) before releasing the parachute, which was the panic button. 

Then other clues started adding on to my theory improving my chances immensely. There were Interstate 11 clues such as “the ONE clue you seek is the ONE” (11). There were BC airport clues such as “the early worm gets the BIRD” (bird meaning “plane” and it was off of “QUAIL” Rd.). Then there was a cemetery clue “its only a matter of time, trust me” (we all die eventually, Veteran Memorial Cemetery next to the BC Airport).

I also kept in mind Clue #34, “Use what you need and ignore the rest”...not every clue is significant. That was important because if I didn’t understand a clue, I didn’t jump to conclusions and leave my spot that i felt so confident about. I stayed with it from day 2. 

So the start of the last week of clues, I knew the Directional clues will be coming. Only 5 days left so I knew my competition was gonna get stronger because at some point it will be obvious to everyone the rock is in or near BC.  Sure enough on Monday, the last week of clues, we get the clue “the best path totals 8” which was the 215. And we knew it wasn’t west, so here we go.  At this time, I started eliminating BLM land along the 95 freeway just south of RAILROAD PASS. 

THE Friday it was dropped, I already eliminated all along I-11.  And I also drove to the exact location of the rock near Quail and went under the I-11 overpass and actually did a u-turn and came back to quail.  So I literally was maybe 20ft from the rock on the day it was dropped but I never got out to look for it. 

SO On Monday,  I knew I had to start at least eliminating areas of BC that were BLM LAND.  Even though I had no clue which direction he would lead us too once the directional clues got us to BC.  so that’s what I did.  I made sure I covered areas thoroughly so I didn’t have to 2Nd guess my search efforts.  I had no luck.

So all I could was wait til I got the clues that told me when the heck do I turn off the 93 highway in BC. the next few days of clues were so obvious leading into BC.  SO it was frustrating because I already knew this since day 2.  Well then we got the “pass the waterfall” clue which was CASCATA.   so that helped some but there was still lots of BLM LAND to search.  Then we got the clue about “if you go around, you have gone too far”, well after Buchanan Rd, the 93 curves around north pretty fast so I knew that it was gonna be south down Buchanan or Veteran Memorial Drive.  At this time, I’m stuck at work.  But I told myself if I get a sky diving clue next, I know where it is at.   Because I knew the only area near Veteran memorial and Buchanan intersection that was BLM land is at the I-11 on Buchanan.  And knowing that we only had 1 day of clues left, it had to be there.  Well at 3:40, the clue “pack the bags and get ready to fly” came on and I just knew right away where it was. So  I called my buddy Jeremy who lives in BC since I was 30min away...he helped me looked one day already.  So I went back to him and said get up.  I need you to go to this location and look for the rock. It is there.  It took a few minutes for me to convince him, but he did.  He got there around 4:10.  I had home FaceTime me so I could direct him where to walk.  He found it in less than 1 minute Under a bush.  What a rush it was to see it.  We were so excited.  And relieved. 

As for the time clues, all they meant was you had time.  No rush.  No need to run.  Same with the Hourglass clue.  So they didn’t mean too much. 

As for the the clue about the “worst times”, I knew it was Wurst times for the Wurst Festival.  Because I did research in week 1 about popular activities that occur in Boulder City just in case clues like that would come about.  That’s how much I was invested in Boulder City. 

As for my deciphering skills.  Mike at 96.3 KKLZ said I was dead on with the skydiving.  He was a part of the clues and knew what they all meant so that was cool for him to let me know I wasn’t imagining things.  We all know that we can make clues fit anywhere.  So I just wanted to say they were correct. 

So that’s my Hunt.  Just wanna say thanks to Decall and everyone I associated with in chat room.  Also the bonus clue getters.   This happened to me because of a lot of you. 

On a side note, I understand we all are going through a crazy pandemic.  Lots of families have lost loved ones, including myself.

So I just wanna send out prayers, especially to the friends and families of all those bicyclists whom lost their lives a few days ago.  Just heartbreaking. 

On that note, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays.  Til next year.  You all are amazing.  What a great hunt this year.

*** story written by Chris Blake "niceguy76" ***



(this information is from the KKLZ website)

96.3 KKLZ and Meineke Car Care Centers presents Mike & Carla’s World Famous “Jingle Bell Rock?”

The “Jingle Bell Rock” is back giving you the chance to WIN $10,000.00 just in time for the holidays!

Listen each weekday at 8:10am, 11:25am, 1:40pm, 3:40pm and 5:40pm for clues that will help you located the “Jingle Bell Rock”! You can also pick up daily “BONUS” clues each weekday starting at 8am at participating Meineke Car Care Centers. See the list of locations below for the Meineke Car Care Center nearest you.

Collect the clues, wait for 96.3 KKLZ to tell you when the “Jingle Bell Rock” has been hidden somewhere in Clark County, locate the ROCK and WIN $10,000.00! The “Jingle Bell Rock” will be hidden away on Friday, Dec. 4th!

Click HERE for complete rules!

*** When you’re there to pick up your “BONUS” clue ask about the KKLZ “Oil Change” Special for $9.63(Some restrictions apply, see store manager for details)! ***

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Clues 2020

- You will not see the bonus clue till end of the day out of respect for the sponsor
- Please send any changes to wording, spelling, capitalization, or punctuation. (

Nov. 16 1. Bonus Clue: Map out these clues before you take a ride.
2. 8:10 am: Don't believe everything you hear.
3. 11:25 am: Throw caution to the wind.
4. 1:40 pm: Every day maybe an adventure.
5. 3:40 pm: Never go straight, always go forward.
6. 5:40 pm: Instead of this way, go that way.
Nov. 17 7. Bonus Clue: It's as if you're driving home from Cali
8. 8:10 am: Keep it real and never look back.
9. 11:25 am: Listen to the voices... it'll help.
10. 1:40 pm: Can't seek if you don't look.
11. 3:40 pm: Its all about team work.
12. 5:40 pm: It can't be where it never was.
Nov. 18 13. Bonus Clue: No need to be Primm and proper
14. 8:10 am: Take it one day at a time
15. 11:25 pm: Go the way you know, not what you think.
16. 1:40 pm: Think before you take that first step
17. 3:40 pm: The missing piece is always the most important.
18. 5:40 pm: Love the mission, enjoy the find.
Nov. 19 19. Bonus Clue: Leave your old friend Jean behind
20. 8:10 am: If you can see it, you can find it.
21. 11:25 am: This rock does not roll.
22. 1:40 pm: Don’t be afraid to cross the line
23. 3:40 pm: There are no short cuts.
24. 5:40 pm: Work the plan and plan to look
Nov. 20 25. Bonus Clue: Those 7 mountains ain't so lucky
26. 8:10 am: We can tell you how, but not where.
27. 11:25 pm: Keep your head together while others watch.
28. 1:40 pm: It's never too late to start the game.
29. 3:40 pm: Think of where you are, Is that where you want to be
30. 5:40 pm: Don't be afraid to ask for help.
Nov. 23 31. Bonus Clue: Don't slow down near Sloan
32. 8:10 am: You can't seek what you don't find.
33. 11:25 am: Not all will lead you to the spot.
34. 1:40 pm: Use what you need and ignore the rest.
35. 3:40 pm: The roads run this way and that way
36. 5:40 pm: Some people might rent to buy
Nov. 24 37. Bonus Clue: Don't veer off the main freeway... yet
38. 8:10 am: You could be where you should be
39. 11:25 am: The phone might be busy so leave a message
40. 1:40 pm: It takes a village to raise the roof
41. 3:40 pm: It's not what you think it's what you know
42. 5:40 pm: Close the door so another one opens
Nov. 25 43. Bonus Clue: Tighten your Belt. Way tight.
44. 8:10 am: Read between the lines, and share the road
45. 11:25 am: Dont worry about being odd
46. 1:40 pm: Some go one way. Think about the other way.
47. 3:40 pm: It's the right time, It's you time.
48. 5:40 pm: Don’t think. Make sure you know.
Nov. 30 49. Bonus Clue: Mr. Woodbury drives West
50. 8:10 am: Like sand through the hourglass tick tock
51. 11:25 am: Never give it a second thought right now
52. 1:40 pm: Knock Knock. Who is it now
53. 3:40 pm: Relax, Breathe, And look again
54. 5:40 pm: Another day, check another way.
Dec. 1 55. Bonus Clue: All roads lead past the ranch
56. 8:10 am: You might have been there, done that
57. 11:25 am: Your friends can help, but do they?
58. 1:40 pm: It's never as easy as they think
59. 3:40 pm: Put your shoe on the other foot
60. 5:40 pm: Just when you thought, think again
Dec. 2 61. Bonus Clue: Don't bother with those red rocks
62. 8:10 am: If it were easy everyone would be looking
63. 11:25 am: Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching
64. 1:40 pm: One step in front of the other
65. 3:40 pm: The one clue you seek is the one
66. 5:40 pm: Put your ear to the ground
Dec. 3 67. Bonus Clue: Don't turn down Town
68. 8:10 am: Don't be afraid of your own shadow
69. 11:25 am: The early worm gets the bird
70. 1:40 pm: Good things come to those that listen
71. 3:40 pm: It's only a matter of time, trust me.
72. 5:40 pm: Use some but not all
Dec. 4 73. Bonus Clue: Loosen that belt. Way to park!
74. 8:10 am: No need to hit the panic button yet
75. 11:25 am: Shoot the breeze, but put the wind at your back.
76. 1:40 pm: Time will tell if you're on the right track
77. 3:40 pm: You can run, but we wouldn't
78. 5:40 pm: Don't wear your sunglasses at night
Dec. 7 79. Bonus Clue: Now you're heading in the right direction
80. 8:10 am: You’ve heard it said, go West young man, Don’t!
81. 11:25 am: The best path totals eight.
82. 1:40 pm: The valley so nice, they named it twice
83. 3:40 pm: After you have looked here, look over there
84. 5:40 pm: Consider rockin down this highway
Dec. 8 85. Bonus Clue: Don't get confused by the curveball
86. 8:10 am: Time is on your side
87. 11:25 am: It's not a party, it's a fiesta
88. 1:40 pm: Keep your eye on the horizon
89. 3:40 pm: Sometimes four years is not enough
90. 5:40 pm: This hill was never made.
Dec. 9

91. Bonus Clue: First find "Hoss" and "Little Joe"
92. 8:10 am: Emmy Lou would go the other way
93. 11:25 am: This number might help you decide
94. 1:40 pm: It was the worst of times
95. 3:40 pm: Don’t gamble but take a chance
96. 5:40 pm: If you build it, they will come.

Dec. 10

97. Bonus Clue: Get out and look around in Tonopah
98. 8:10 am: Cross the tracks to get to the other side
99. 11:25 am: Pass the waterfall, but don't look for it
100. 1:40 pm: If you go around, you've gone too far
101. 3:40 pm: Pack the bags and get ready to fly
102. 5:40 pm: Shhhhhh... as you pass the hallowed grounds

Dec. 11 103. Bonus Clue: Find the Boulder
104. 8:10 am: Keep your eyes open and see the signs
105. 11:25 am:
106. 1:40 pm:
107. 3:40 pm:

Here is a map of the hiding spots over the years
Where the Jinglebell Rock was found in the Las Vegas area by year